Friday 18th November 2015


10 min warm up
60s bear
60s monkey
60s frog
60s stretch rests

1 x HS facing wall
Just don’t like these. Too scared to kick away.

5 x kick up and hold
60s stretch holds
Argh not a good day. Keep over arching. Must get help.

5 x 3 x hop up to bent leg HS
60s stretch hold rests

3 x 6 x lifting alternate hands (3 ES)
60s stretch hold rests
Hard! Way harder than I thought. I’m still so weak :/

3 x 5 x Swiss ball pikes with rollout
2 x 60s stretch hold rests
I think I’m still tired from those ab wheels the other day

10 x pull ups

4 x 2 x cable machine MU
Longish rests

3 x 10 x pull ups
Stretch rests

4 x supersets:
5 x full extension assisted MU @ 14kg
10 x single leg press on assisted push up machine (27,

Stretches, 3 of each
Lunge (last advanced)
Cossack ES (last elevated)

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