Sunday 20th November 2016


General mobility

5 minutes arm pit foam rolling ES
From Emmet Louis’ site

10 x shoulder dislocates front, left, right

2 x
HS shoulder stretch pulses and holds from GMB tutorial
Lat stretch pulses and holds on dip bars

I’m hungry :/

3 x FF shoulder stretch with hands behind you

(All FF style 10 x pulses, 30s holds)

Ball rolling glute and quad adhesions between sets

Some handstands against the wall
Felt better than the other day

Straddle headstand raises
5 on mat
3 x 5 with head elevated

Handstand shrugs
4 x 5

Overhead press
4 x 5

FF protocol

HS against wall thing from GMB tutorial

for lat stretch – leaning forward against something

3 x 10 x pull ups
90s rests

5 x 2 x pull up to tuck FL
90s rests

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