Tuesday 8th November 2016

Steps: 10,541 

Started tracking. Will log 10k+ days (although they’re quite rare!). That was 10.3km of walking, supposedly.



10 min warm up
Neck a bit stiff

Scapular push ups

10 x push ups
10 x scapular pull ups
15 x bench dips
3 x 10 x shoulder dislocated (L, R and F/B)

3 x advanced lunge stretch ES

15mins handstands
Kicking up, trying to keep tighter and push with hands. Feeling tired so no conditioning. Need to mind neck.

3 x 10 x pull ups
90s rest

Fail on cable machine slow muscle up

2 x2 x black band MU
Failed on third set
90s rests

3 x hamstring stretches ES

7 x 2 x explosive pull ups
30s rests

3 x Cossack stretches ES

3 x frog stretches

Assisted MU
5 x 14kg
2 x 11.3kg (failed on third)
2 x 11.3kg (didn’t attempt third!)

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