Monday 26th December 2016

Morning shoulder stretch

Shoulder FF x 3 sets
– Arms out in front
– Lounge chair
– Prone arm across chest, face down ES
– Y T A ES


Evening home workout

3 x
10 x deep chair push ups
5 x slow forward japing ES (wine bottle as weight)

3 x
5 x tuck swings
5 x straight leg windmill, no weight

3 x
7 x scapular HS shrugs
10 x leg swings forward, side and back ES

10 x tuck HS against wall (singles, untamed rest)

3 x 8ish shoulder taps
No timed rests

8 x 30s HS holds
60s rests with stretches:
4 x 10 x straddle leg lifts over a ballon
4 x 10 x GB dynamic hamstring stretch from elevated lunge
Trying to push on each hold. Argh my shoulders. 

4 x 3 x superslow battle rams
90s rests

More stretching.

Had to finish as was getting grief from da fam :/


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