Summer vs. Winter

I used to think that people who dramatically changed their training goals to fit the season were idiots. That they didn’t take their goals seriously or, worse, didn’t have goals in the first place. But of course I was the idiot – enjoying your training is just as valid a goal, if not more so, than the ticks you put against the list of skills, weights, PBs etc. that you work towards.

For the past few years I’ve drifted towards a pattern whereby summer is about being outside as much as possible, and winter is spent indoors. So when the sun shines I’m a fit little ninja, running, cycling, jumping and swinging my way across town. When the days draw in and the clocks change, the furthest I’ll venture is the climbing wall, but for the most part I’m working out at home or in my local gym.

I’m just updating my training logs, which consists of copy/pasting the notes I jot down on my phone into WordPress, and doing the same with any bike rides or runs from Strava. The latter also has a section called “Training Log”, but is way cooler than mine as it gives you a week-by-week pictogram showing how much of what activity you’ve been doing, graphically represented by different sized coloured circles. It’s pretty cool and, in my case, makes for an amusing throwaway post about the  difference between late summer and now:

And then… I conk out. That’s it. Body it say no. My knees hurt, I’m tired, over-trained, frazzled, stressed and a bit of a mess all round… Plus, it’s cold and wet so really I’m not missing out.

As you can imagine, my fitness is a bit of a joke. I daren’t ride my bike up the massive hill that is Crystal Palace (my only way into town if I cycle), and I sure as hell won’t be running up any hills anytime soon. I have also put on weight. Boo. On the upside, the fact I’ve lost no energy to cardio means I’m now epically strong, a fact thats also been helped by the fact I attended a most excellent workshop I went to run by Forma GST, and have been following a solid new gymnastic strength training program. Plus I have had more time to work on flexibility, and have been getting the social hit I got from races and running from bouldering instead, which means that I am finally getting better at this tricky sport too. 

So yeah, all those things I said about those people who switch sports with the seasons? I totally take them back.

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