Thursday 29th December 2016


Mobility incl
Scapular push ups
Shoulder dislocates
Scapular pull ups

3 x 5 x pull ups
60s rests
Lunge FF stretch in rest ES

5 x 3kg jao peng ES

1 x single STC

3 x
3 x STC
5 x 5kg SL windmill ES

5 x single MU, slow lower
Lat / pec stretches, no timed rest
Two with no and FL

Feeling overweight and sluggish


5 x 15 x hinge row

Properly on rings, right height etc.

RC/PE1 mobility
As rest
5 x 30s x lat lean

Did a light one for the rest of the session:

Tuck hollow body hold
3 x 60s

FL/PE1 Mobility
3 x 5 x cat cow
As rest

3 x 15 x scapular shrug

SPL/PE1 mobility
As rest
3 x 5 x swivel hips
Oh dear – need to work on these

3 x 15 x bench press ups

HBP/PE1 mobility
as rest
3 x 10 x German arm swings (ES)

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