Friday 21st April 2017


Just getting some miles in before work



Gym – PureGym Victoria

Warm up with scapular push ups and pull ups

3 x
10 x HS shrugs
30s hollow body hold

Arch HS stretch hold
T stretch
Arch HS stretch hold
Y stretch
Arch HS stretch hold
L arm stretch

15 min kicking up practice

6 x 30s cheat to wall HAS holds
About 2min rests – tired today

4 x 5 x HSPU negatives
First set first 2 I pushed up! Off rolled up yoga mat. Yay!
2min rests

4 x 8 x pull ups

Assisted MU on machine
5 x 18kg full depth
5 x 14kg round transition
3 x 3 x 9kg round transition

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