Monday 3rd April 2017

Home workout – Handstand and rings

Shoulder warm up incl. AYT and prone shoulder thing

3 x 10 x HS shrugs
Balance/strength getting better as can push up and stay off the wall

15min general practise – kicking up and floating off

Play with lift from crow using band on ring – think I need another plan

Play with lower down in straddle against wall

4 x 10 x hand lifts (one set of 12 woo)

3 x 2 x wall walks

3 x single leg crow attempts ES


1 x 10 x inverse rows

1 x 5 x dips

5 x baby MU

3 x 2 x L-sit to STC with overhand grip back to L-sit

Too tired (/weak!) for MU’s

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