Bar-barella Blog

Thursday 17th September 2015

Run Taking the foot out for a test. ITB and feet still sore! Distance: 6.9kmDistance: 36:45Pace: 5:15/km Strava     Not really feeling on it with training right now.

Tuesday 15th September 2015

Cycle To work Distance: 11.4kmSpeed: 21.4km/Strava Another 11.5km home (Strava tracking fuckupery) Total: 23km No other training – body tired.    

Saturday 12th September 2015

Marathon I ran a marathon. Not really part of the plan, but it wasn’t a proper marathon (well, it was but it wasn’t – check it out here) Distance: 44.1kmMoving Time: 5:21:15Pace:...

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Run (before lunch) Track session: 10 x 400m with 1ish min rests. Time to get back on some speed training. Distance: 4.0kmPace: 4:04/km This was not the fastest I’ve done this routine, so...

Monday 7th September 2015

Morning run Stretching out the legs to Church Island. Feel surprisingly good! Distance: 7.1kmTime: 36:37Pace: 5:06/km Strava   Evening park Chest-heavy session in the park MobilityBand10 x scapular pull ups4 x STC10 x...

Tuesday 8th September 2015

Cycle To work and gym. 21.3km. Strava screwed up so don’t know average speed, which is annoying!   Gym: mobility etc. 40 min mobility, band work, some bridging, elbow lever, shoulder stuff,...

Sunday 6th September 2015

Stretching Full 20 min hip flexor stretches during day   Myofascial 1 hour ball rolling whilst watching Special Forces: Hell Week (loving this show) in the evening (9pm on BBC2)