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Friday 23rd December 2016

Home workout Tabata sets: Alternating front and side jumping jacks 4 x Tabata lunges & 4 x cossack squats Tabata leg swings:– Forward ES– Back ES– Side ES– Leg circles ES GB...

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cycle Festive errands :)Went to drop off a belated birthday present and a Christmas card to Charlotte, and she was SO happy to see me! Totally heart-warming and brilliant, and made...

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Friday 16th December 2016

Gym 10 min warm up Stretch FF protocol:LoungeATY (all ES)Overhead arms on bench Handstands:3 x 7 x shoulder shrugs90s Repeat Stretch FF protocol:LoungeLying on arm at right anglesOverhead arms on bench...

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